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Hi fellow writer! I’ve decided to write this story to help you succeed even more than you’re already doing. I was thinking that I can give you five different suggestions on tools that you can use to become more productive, feel less stressed, and have every part of your work as organized as can be.

Evernote Web Clipper

How to Recover From a Writer’s Block? I can only tell you what always works for me, hoping that it will work for you too.

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Usually, when I’ve had writer’s block, this is the process behind it:

  • I have a great writing spree with much success in my writing. Things are truly going as good as they can be!
  • The success suddenly stops, and I can’t seem to figure out anything to write about. I feel unmotivated, discouraged, slow, and brain-dead.
  • I try to write for a period of time, and I get nowhere.

I noticed a pattern that I usually do to get back on track, which is to spend time with myself, relax, and be happy in my thoughts. The thing that has…

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I’m very tired of seeing articles and stories that go “10 extra incomes that will make you a guaranteed $1500 per month” and then it’s just the same old things that you’ve tried, can’t do, or it’s just false information. This list however is meant to contain things that you can actually start with today, or tomorrow depending on how long it takes to get accepted on some platforms. And will contain extra income sources / potentially full income sources that I actually know work. They’re either things that I’ve done, or seen others succeed in.


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I wanted to write this piece because I've been seeing these Medium articles lately that goes “Write Short Stories And Get $10,000 A Month” and “Make A Guaranteed $3000 Per Month” And all they contain is just 5–10 different websites that you can submit pitches to. I’ve gotten frustrated from reading those articles because I know that 99.5% of the time you can’t earn $3k a month from pitching those 5–10 publications consistently. Some publications take weeks just to pay you, and other publications only need submissions a few times a year, plus your pitches need to get accepted consistently…

Why I Don’t Look at My Medium Statistics:

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When I first published my first three stories, I was excited to be a part of Medium. I felt that I had worked very hard on them and was proud of my work. A few days went by, and no views. That’s when I learned that I should probably try to get a story submitted to a publisher instead.

When my next three stories got approved by different publishers, I was equally excited to be a part of those publications. I got to show my work to their followers, and now my statistics would actually show something instead of my…

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Following a personal schedule can be challenging because nothing is forcing you to follow it. You feel great while you’re successful at following the plan, but there’s still something missing that makes you just not do it? That has been my experience before, at least, and I figured out why.

Break down your task(s) in more detailed orders than just “clean.” or “work.”

I’ve almost always before been very vague with my schedules. For example, when I’ve made time slots for cleaning and working, I always used to make it like this:

  • 9 A.M to 11 A.M — clean
  • 11 A.M to 3 P.M — work

Which was never working out for me…

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Have you ever played a game, seen a series, or done some activity that has managed to occupy the majority of your mind for days afterward? To hold your focus on any task successfully, we must reach this state of mind towards it. Here’s how you can program your mind to do so.


Emotions play a massive part in deciding what occupies your mind. You think of what you love and fear. We think of what worries us and excites us. I believe that love is the most important emotion to success in general. …

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Yes, I know that that number is vast, and I’ll get into it. We see viral posts every day now on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other platforms. Every one person has the ability to try and create one. It doesn’t necessarily cost anything. You need a good idea, make it, post it, boom. And if you play your cards right, you can then most likely earn a whole lot of money.

A viral Twitter post that gets around 500,000 likes will get around 17,000,000 impressions on average. This is what we’ll base a viral post on in this scenario. The…

Logan Paul and his friends in his video “I Spent $2,000,000 On Pokémon Cards

Logan Paul is a well-known Youtuber and has recently been in the news for his upcoming boxing match with the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather later this year. Logan is not known for pokemon, but earlier this year, he did something which would secure him likely over $10 million just because of an investment in pokemon cards.

This all started five months ago when Pokemon pack openings slowly rose in popularity on Twitch and Youtube. People would open Pokemon packs live to try to get rare cards. And these cards can be worth quite a bit of money depending on their…

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I used to be an overthinker as well. I would overthink about other people’s opinions, my career path, my failures, and upcoming failures that I had already decided would happen. It felt as if my brain was working at a 150% capacity rate and only worked on creating bad scenarios. When I reflect back on it, I’m glad that I had such a period in my life. Because once you correct yourself, and you learn from it, you’re more relaxed than anything in knowing that you’ll never have that period ever again, or at least you have the answers.


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